You may be caring for someone a family member who is a bit different, or who has a disability, but you don’t have to do things all by yourself. They might have drug and alcohol problems, or a mental illness.

Many people looking after someone else don’t think of themselves as carers, you might think you are just doing what you should do, or you might be one of several people caring.

You might be caring for your husband, your wife, your uncle, your aunty, your partner, your child, your foster-child, your grandchild, your friend or anyone else who needs help. If you are doing any of this, you might be considered a ‘carer’.  There are many things available to support carers in Qld.

Carer Gateway has a hotline 1800 422 737 and a website which gives you access to lots of information about caring and available supports and resources

Carer Gateway link

Carers Australia is a national organisation who offer support to carers in their caring role. Carers Australia have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Project Officers you can talk to. For more information go to:

Carers Australia link or phone 1800 242 636

Carers guide to work and caring -pdf


Carers Queensland can also offer many supports to you locally.

Carers Queensland link

Counselling link

Information on the NDIS for carers is also available

NDIS and carers link

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