Willie prince’s story
I’m Willie Prince and I was born on an Aboriginal mission called Cherbourg. I was born healthy, I didn’t have a disability when I was born but I got sick about 16 times before my second birthday. Along the way that caused me to have a disability. I was removed by the advice of the state medical doctor and under the approval of the state protector. Not knowing who you are or where you come from gave me the idea of forming some sort of network, which later formed ATSIDNQ.
Ted’s story
I’m Ted Thorburn, I have been a member of ATSIDNQ for nearly 12 years and got involved when I was up in far North Queensland, but now I live in Maryborough. When I first lost my sight I found it very hard to get connected with any disability services as there wasn’t much around and many regional people just lived with their disabilities and didn’t reach out. I look forward to seeing the ATSIDNQ network continue to grow and I encourage people to join.
Uncle alexander’s story
My name is Uncle Alexander Eric Mendo, I was born in Tweed Heads and am a proud Bundjalung Nation Man. I am 87 years old and have been married for 61 years and I am in good health. I have 7 children, 25 grand children, 16 great grand children and 10 great, great grand children. My advice to others and especially young people is to ‘set your goals and head for it’.
Aunty myrtle’s story
My name is Aunty Myrtle and I’m from the Kuku Yalanji mob, Cooktown. I am 85 years old and grew up on the mission of Mona Mona. I’ve always looked after my health and put my children first. My experiences over my lifespan, is that I always cared for my family and children and always showed them my love and affection, and this is my advice to you.