Members Stories

Hi, I'm Michelle and I am a proud Aboriginal and Australian South Sea Islander woman.

I’m Willie Prince and I was born on an Aboriginal mission called Cherbourg. I was born healthy, I didn’t have a disability when I was born but I got sick about 16 times before my second birthday.

I'm Ted Thorburn, I'm 64 and I have Glaucoma. I had reasonable sight until my mid 30s and then I slowly lost it from there. My mum is Torres Strait Islander from the Darnley Island region (Erob

My name is Retta and I was born in Cherbourg, Queensland. I moved to Brisbane when I was 12 and did most of my schooling on the Northside of Brisbane. I later moved to Logan where I still remain today with my partner William.

Hi my name is Doug Thomson. I live in Brisbane but been in Townsville for a lot of my life, as a small baby and in the 60’s and 70’s when my mother had twins and she sent me to Townsville so I could go to school there.

Hi, my name is Nikita from Swan Hill in Victoria. I moved to Brisbane after getting married to my husband Kevin.

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