Stephen's Story

Hi, I am Stephen Tatow.  I was born in 1952 and brought up at Erakala in the Farleigh area.

I moved into town (Mackay) in year 7 and went to Victoria Park State School, we lived at Scott's Street.  I was called the miracle baby by Doctor Berry as I was in and out of hospital all my life from 2 weeks of age.  I wasn't meant to live, but I had my operation and was in intensive care.  I firmly believe that prayer has pulled me through many things.  I had a tumor in my brain at the age of 9 and by the time I was sent to Brisbane for tests it had disappeared.

I started working at the age of 16 at Farleigh Mill.  I did fruit picking and worked on the fettler gang on the railway, by this time I had to have a couple of knee replacements and my legs were getting weak.  I spent 15 years picking grapes until my wrists gave out and then I cooked for a few years.

I still enjoy cooking and often cook for family.  You should try my sponge and proper steam cloth puddings.  In my younger days I played Carlton Aussie rules at Harrup Park Norths Team.  Nearly everyone from the Mill was on the team including Jack Mundy founding member of the team.  I have had many other medical things crop up in my life including a triple bi-pass and vertebrae taken out of my back.  A few years ago I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, but again a week later they couldn't find it and I have been in remission ever since.  I still keep very busy and active in my community and am happy to be a member.

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