Michelle's Story

Hi, I'm Michelle and I am a proud Aboriginal and Australian South Sea Islander woman.

My family lived in Sarina for many years and then we spent some time in Marani and now I have settled in Mackay. I am the eldest of 4 children, I love music, arts and craft and crosswords.
Its hard for me because I think of what I used to do and what I can do now, and its like two different people. I have to retrain myself to relax and to be able to concentrate. I no longer like large crowds. My life has completely changed and I am still learning to cope and come to terms with this new way of life.
But….keeping positive and living life one step at a time, I am allowing myself to actually be me and accept myself for who I am.
I surround myself with good people and do things that are making me happy. I am part of the ATSIDNQ Network in Sarina and look forward to meeting other members.

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