Thomas's Story

Hello, my name is Thomas Kanak and I am a member of ATSIDNQ, I currently live in Brisbane. 

I'm of Torres Strait Islander decent, my parents came from Thursday Island and I was born in Mackay. I carry on the tradition and creative vision of our ancestors before us. I have adapted as they did doing different varieties of visual arts and crafts.

I live with a disability that effects the nerves in my feet where I experience numbness all the time and have to wear splints to assist me with walking. Doing my art work and creating things helps to take my mind off my problems and helps me to keep a healthy mind.

I am working on growing my business CroArt by holding workshops. I use the medium of 100% original farmed hides from Australian crocodile, kangaroo and barramundi. As well as crocodile teeth and cow hides. I have been blessed spiritually which motivates me to strengthen my cultural connection. I feel my ancestors are with me using my eyes and hands to help guide me to create masterpieces of artwork. Contact me at if you would like to talk about the items I make.

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