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ADA Australia, in partnership with Legal Aid Queensland, is pleased to announce the launch of My Rights Qld, a new toolkit that was officially unveiled by Mr Bart Mellish, MP - in lieu of Minister for Disability Services and Seniors Coralee O'Rourke today at the Supreme Court Library in Brisbane.

My Rights Qld is a simple, one-stop-shop for information that supports people to better understand and exercise their rights.

Through our work, we identified a resource gap for people with disability trying to navigate Queensland systems to find help to protect their rights. Information about how to seek help, or complain about issues impacting them, is often scattered across multiple websites and written in jargon-heavy language. To address this, we created an online resource full of easy-to-access information to help streamline the pathways for people with disability to resolve issues they may be having.

My Rights Qld covers a wide range of topics including the NDIS, substitute decision-making, health, mental health, housing, discrimination and much more.

We encourage you to promote this online resource through your networks to raise awareness of this valuable new tool.

We would also appreciate your organisation displaying the DL flyers on counters in reception and sharing them with your clients.

The DL flyers are available on request and can be ordered by calling ADA Australia on 1800 818 338.

My Rights Qld is accessible from a phone, tablet or computer and can be found at



There are many inspiring stories from people around Australia available to view on the web.  To view over 80 videos of inspirational talks and stories CLICK HERE



QAI (Queensland Advocacy Incorporated) - Offers free mental health legal advice and representation across Qld.  Phone (07) 3844 4200 or 1300 130 582 or email to make an appointment.

QAI may be able to help if:

  • If you are receiving involuntary treatment for mental illness in Qld and you need legal advice or representation at a tribunal hearing.  People admitted to hospital have aright to contact a legal advisor at any time.
  • If you have an intellectual, cognitive or psychiatric disability and need help with The Public Trustee, your guardian, your support workers, your living arrangements or a forensic order or treatment authority.
  • You are seeking support in the justice system.  QAI may be able to assist in helping you access legal and community services so you can manage better in the community and prevent any further involvement in the criminal justice system.  Phone 0422 039 258.
  • You are seeking telephone legal advice, general information or a referral.

SUFY (Speaking up for You) - SUFY protects and defends the human rights of people with a disability through individual advocacy to address injustices in the Brisbane and Moreton Bay region.  Phone (07) 3255 1244 or email 

ADA Australia - Support people who are receiving care at home through Home Care packages.  Phone: 1800 818 338 or email 


Australian Government Plan to Improve Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with DisabilityThe development of the Australian Government Plan to Improve Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with Disability (the Plan) recognises the importance of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability to achieve successful and fulfilling lives within the Australian community.  The Plan outlines actions the Australian Government is and can take to provide sustainable mainstream1and disability services, delivered within a cultural framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability, their families and carers.


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