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The Network on Facebook

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Public Facebook Page

The Network has a public Facebook page that you can 'Like' and share with others to help spread the word about the Network. 

To access the Public Page Click Here


Network Members FACEBOOK Group (Private - Members only)

This private page is where people who have signed up as members can:
-    Connect with other members
-    Yarn with other people about issues related to disability
-    Access members-only information
-    Find out what the Network is up to and when the Network team are in your community
-    Find out about changes in the disability sector that may impact on you
-    Learn about resources that you may want to link in to

To join the group you will need to:
1. Login to your own Facebook account
2. Type ATSIDNQ Members Page in the search bar
3. Click the magnifying glass to initiate the search
4. Click on the group ATSIDNQ Members Page
5. On the page select ‘Join Group’.
This will take a few days for admin to approve.

Link for Private Members group - click here


The Network Team

ATSIDNQ has a team of dedicated staff supporting the Network. Here are some of our team members.



Melissa AhWong is a Wakka Wakka and Gubbi Gubbi woman. She is based in Brisbane and travels throughout the state spreading the word about the Network. "I'm passionate about engaging with different communities and understanding the needs of ABoriginal and Torres STrait Isladner people with disability, families and carers."



Nilisa Allen is from the Wannyi tribe from around Doomagee/Lawn Hill area. She is based in Toowoomba and travels around the Darling Downs and beyond. "I'm excited to help people find out about the Network and how they can sign up as members."



Barry Fewquandie is a Goreng Goreng man from Gladstone areas and and Australian South Sea from Malikoola Vanuatu. He is based in Cairns and travels around far North Qld. "Ive been busy yarning with mob about the Network, as I believe people with disabilities, thier fmailies and carers will benefit from being connected."


Ros Loader is an Australian South Sea Islander woman with Aboriginal heritage in the Mackay and Whitsunday coastal regions. "I am passionate about helping make a difference in the lives of people with a disability, thier famlies and carers and love being involved in the Network."
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