A big vision by a small group in 2005 as part of the International Day of people with a disability, ATSIDNQ is growing into a network of members with a strong voice.  Our members, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a disability, their carers are connecting, sharing and speaking up about issues that matter most to them.  From the Gold Coast to the Gulf, Toowoomba to Palm Island, there are many ways the Network is helping members get connected, such as morning teas, information sessions, a Facebook site and a regular newsletter.  The network is supported by Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia (ADA Australia) which has over 20 years experience in community services and many years supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland.


Who can become a member?

Any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person with disability (Physical, Psychosocial, Intellectual or Developmental), their family and carers are welcome to become members of our Network.


Why become a member?

o        Free membership
o        A culturally safe place to share stories and connect
o        Receive bi-monthly newsletters, a member hat (Click here for past newsletters)
o        Connect with others at  Network events   (Click here for event details)
o        Connect through our closed Facebook group  (Click here for connection details)
o        You help the Network inform Government on the things that are impacting on members lives informing wider policy development

If you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander with disability, or are a family member or carer of someone who is, then you can become a member today. Click here for an instant application.




Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to prove my disability to become a member?  No. If you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander with any type of disability, (physical, intellectual, psychosocial or developmental), then you are welcome to join our Network. The Network is also open to direct family members or carers of people with disability who would like to contribute to the conversation about the expereince of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people with disability.

I am a non-Indigenous person caring for my disabled child who is Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.  Can I be a member?  Yes.  If you are a carer or family member of an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person with a disability you can become a member.

Is ATSIDNQ going to help me get ready for the NDIS?  No, ATSIDNQ is not a 'NDIS Readiness' organisation. But the Network can help link you into organisations that are providing readiness support and keep you updated on readiness education opportunities around Queensland that you could attend. We will keep you updated on general NDIS news in our bi-monthly newsletters.

I am not happy with the services I am receiving and Centerlink.  Can you help me?  The Network is not funded to provide individual support, but we can offer you referrals to those who may be able to assist.

There is no Network events in my area, how can I contribute?  The closed members group Facebook page was created to enable people living all over Qld to connect with each other as members of the Network. It is hoped that members can share stories and information with each other in this way. To find out how to connect to our Facebook closed members group click here.

ATSIDNQ Members Code of Conduct

Members of ATSIDNQ are required to follow a Code of Conduct to ensure the respect and dignity of all people.

Members who sign up to the ATSIDNQ Network have the following responsibilities:

  • Behave with integrity as a member of the Network
  • Support and include new members of the Network
  • Show all people respect and dignity at Network events and on social media
  • Respect the confidentiality of others


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